The inaugural Symposium in 2017 was led by a steering committee who met every other week for almost a year. They managed all of the events and worked toward making the Symposium the outstanding success that it was. For the second year, 2018, though they did not meet formally as a steering committee, an informal group of people got together to help manage all the tasks necessary for organizing, developing, and promoting the event. These people are:

  • Bill Douglas
  • Luke Jih
  • Violet Li
  • Ken Lo
  • William Phillips
  • Kevin Siddons
  • Denise Rankin
  • CJ Rhoads


The 2017 steering committee members were:
  • Richard Clear
  • Maria Elston-Phillips
  • Luke Jih
  • Penelope Klein
  • Harry Legg
  • John Loupos
  • William Phillips
  • Wang Rengang
  • CJ Rhoads (chair)
  • Avi Schneier
  • Jing Shan Tang
  • Stephen Watson
  • Ramsey Yunan
Without the help and cooperation of everyone, in both 2018 and 2017, the Symposium would never have happened. We are eternally grateful for all their help and support.