Important! The beautiful homes on the bay that we have rented (one is named "Holy Family" and the other "St. Anne") at the Maris Stella Retreat Center are clean, cozy, and comfortable. But Maris Stella is not the modern retreat center with full amenities you may be used to. Please be aware of the following:

  • There are only 23 beds on-site at the Maris Stella Retreat Center available to us. (21 beds left as of March 5, 2017)
  • Beds will be reserved for the weekend on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Only full weekend (both Friday and Saturday) reservations are available. You cannot stay for just one night.
  • The accomodations are shared, with 2, 3, or 4 beds per room. All beds are singles.
  • Bathrooms are shared. There are no private bathrooms.
  • You are expected to bring your own sheets and towels.
  • You may reserve a single bed, or an entire room with multiple beds.
  • Some groups may wish to reserve all the beds in a room so that you can stay together in the same room.
  • Even after your reservation, your requests may not be able to be fulfilled. We may need to make changes.
  • Lodging and meal reservations are non-refundable.

    The cost is $150 per bed for both Friday and Saturday night (unless you register early or have a promo code, in which case the cost is only $125).

    The rooms don't have room numbers, so we've named them after Tai Chi styles and/or Tai Chi Historical Figures.

    Onsite Lodging Options
    (Sat & Sun only, no single nights)
    Cost per Bed - 2 nights

    Cost per Bed -2 nights

    # Beds
    Holy Family 2 beds upstairs, Sun Room $150 $110 2
    Holy Family 2 beds upstairs, Wu Hao Room $150 $110 2
    Holy Family 2 beds upstairs, Wu Room $150 $110 2
    Holy Family 3 beds upstairs, Chen Room $150 $110 3
    Holy Family 4 beds downstairs, Yang Room $150 $110 4
    St. Anne 1 bed downstairs, Lao Tsu Room (taken) $150 $110 1
    St. Anne 2 beds downstairs, Zhang Sanfeng  Room (1 bed taken) $150 $110 2
    St. Anne 3 beds upstairs, Yang Luchan Room $150 $110 3
    St. Anne 4 beds upstairs, Chen Wangting Room $150 $110 4

    If you wish more hotel-like accomodations, or you wish to reserve only one night of the weekend, below we've listed several nice hotels and motels nearby which you can call to make a reservation. (Again, do not wait. September is "wedding month" on the island, and the hotels and motels fill up rapidly. If you wait until June, you most likely would have to get a room far away, somewhere off the island.)

    The closest to the Maris Stella Retreat Center and one of our sponsors is:
    White Whale Motel
    20 West 7th Street
    Barnegat Light NJ 08006
    (609) 494-3020 email:
    IMPORTANT!!!!! As of March 14th, only a couple of rooms are left: they are reserved for Symposium speakers and volunteers until March 30. Call George or Wayne at (609) 494-3020 before March 30th to get a 10% discount.

    Other hotels/motels on the island:
    Drifting Sands
    119 E 9th St, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008
    Phone:(877) 524-7866

    Islander Motel LLC
    1202 Central Ave, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008
    (609) 494-6964

    Sea Horse Motel
    Address: 4204 Long Beach Blvd, North Beach Haven, NJ 08008
    Phone:(609) 494-5392

    Daddy O Hotel
    (the nicest and most expensive hotel of the bunch)
    4401 Long Beach Blvd, North Beach Haven, NJ 08008
    Phone:(609) 494-1300