Purchased individually, the price of each of the services you get for the full three-day festival is $360. That includes the registration for all three days ($300), Saturday night banquet ($25), Tea Ceremony on Sunday ($35). But when you get them all together, the Saturday night banquet and tea ceremony are included in the registration price of $300.

If you only want to come on Sunday, the registration is only $125 (but includes the Tea Ceremony). Friday is $100. If you want to come Saturday, it is $150 (but includes the Banquet Dinner). You can also choose just one workshop to attend for $25.

HOWEVER, don't forget that you can use a promocode to get a discount. Generally, you should get a promocode from your teacher or health practitioner. Tai Chi or Qigong Teachers, Massage Therapists, Pilates or Yoga instructors - anyone who has clients or patients is eligible to apply for, and receive, a promocode that will let anyone get a $75 discount for the full weekend (i.e. $225 instead of $300) or a $50 discount ($50 for Friday, $75 for Sunday, or $100 for Saturday). The promocodes that have already been assigned can be found on the online registration form.

With the promocode, the whole weekend (including the Saturday dinner AND the Tea Ceremony) is only $225. Friday is only $50. Saturday is only $100. And Sunday is only $125. Promocodes are good right up until August 25, when online registration shuts down and you must pay walk-in prices, so why don't you register right now, while you are thinking of it?

Furthermore, if you are willing to work as a volunteer (spending at least 10 hours over the weekend helping out), then you only have to pay for dinner (and Tea if you want to drink at the ceremony, and overnight accommodations if you need them). Workshops are free for volunteers.

If you're looking for more details on registration, lodgings, or anything else regarding the symposium, take a look around. It's all here. You can also call Sarah or Jackie at 484-332-3331.

Or contact us.