Purchased individually, the price of each of the services you get for the full three-day festival is $350. That includes the registration for all three days ($300), Saturday night banquet ($25), Tea Ceremony on Sunday ($35). But when you get them all together, the Saturday night banquet and tea ceremony are included in the price of $300.

If you only want to come on Sunday, the registration is only $125 (but includes the Tea Ceremony). Friday is $100. If you want to come Saturday, it is $150 (but includes the Banquet Dinner).

HOWEVER, don't forget that you can use a promocode to get a discount. Generally, you should get a promocode from your teacher or health practitioner. Tai Chi or Qigong Teachers, Massage Therapists, Pilates or Yoga instructors - anyone who has clients or patients is eligible to apply for, and receive, a promocode that will let anyone get a $75 discount for the full weekend (i.e. $225 instead of $300) or a $50 discount ($50 for Friday, $75 for Sunday, or $100 for Saturday). The promocodes that have already been assigned will be posted shortly.

If you're looking for more details on registration, lodgings, or anything else regarding the symposium, take a look around. It's all here.

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