Here's the deal. Purchased individually, the price of all the services and products you get for the full three-day festival is $585. That includes the registration for all three days ($250), onsite lodging ($150), Saturday night banquet ($60), other meals ($90), and a commemorative backpack ($35). If you only want to come for one day and you bring your own food, it's $100 for Saturday, $80 for Friday or Sunday. Meals are $16 each and must be reserved in advance.

If you purchase them together in advance, however, there is significant savings. Participants who register before September 1, 2017 pay $360 for a full three-day pass, including all meals, banquet, lodging, and registration, and you get a commemorative drawstring backpack. Even better; if you have a promocode you only pay $325 for a full three-day pass, including all meals, banquet, lodging, and registration, and you still get a commemorative drawstring backpack.

If you have a promocode and register in advance, you can also save money on one day tickets; $75 for Friday or Sunday, and $95 for Saturday. You can also get a ticket to the Banquet for $50 instead of $60, a backpack for $20 instead of $35, and a massage for $60 instead of $75. (Sorry, but food can't be discounted).

Don't have a promocode? Ask your teacher or healthcare practitioner to get one for you. (Click here to download a brochure with information. All promocodes expire on August 21, 2017, so don't wait.)

Workshop leaders, presenters, organizers, and sponsors all get special pricing (though everyone must pay the full rate for meals, $90, because that is a straight pass-thru. We charge what we pay for the catering.) Volunteers and Sisters of any order with onsite lodging (while it lasts), only pay $220 [$190 when the beds run out]. (We give Sisters a discount in honor of our beautiful facilities, Maris Stella Conference and Retreat Center, which is a conference center run by the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth.)

Here is a pricing matrix table for you to see the most common options:

You can click on the matrix to get the registration form with the pricing matrix as well.

If you're looking for more details on registration, lodgings, or anything else regarding the symposium, take a look around. It's all here.

Or contact us.