We greatly appreciate our top sponsors, so please help us thank them as well: Next Step Strategies, LLC; Patience Tai Chi Association; Austin Air; Pennside Partners; White Whale Motel, and Islander Motel.

Next Step Strategies; Siobhan Hutchinson

Next Step Strategies, LLC was founded to educate and encourage individuals to discover their body’s natural healing ability. Practices include, but are not limited to: Next Step Strategies

  • T’ai Chi Chih®
  • Seijaku
  • Qigong
  • Reiki
  • Donna Eden Energy Medicine


Patience Tai Chi

Patience Tai Chi Association, Bill Phillips

Since 1970, the Patience T'ai Chi Association (PTC) has taught Tai Chi and other Martial Arts to thousands of students. Today, we are dedicated to teaching Tai Chi exclusively in all of its aspects: as a moving meditation, for its health benefits, and of course, the sport of Push Hands, and as a high level Martial Art. We also invite practitioners of other Martial Arts to study with us to improve skills in their chosen Art.


Austin Air

Austin Air

Austin Air

Austin Air is an American company located in Buffalo, New York. They are the only manufacturers to have their products designated as Medical Grade Air Purifiers.

They are the only manufacture to successfully reduce asthma attacks and respiratory problems in a clinical trial conducted by the medical community and recognized hospitals. Johns Hopkins Hospital have chosen Austin Air medical grade air purifiers to conduct four clinical trials.

They were selected by the Federal Government to provide the emergency air purifiers to the citizens of Anniston, Alabama during the destruction of chemical weapons.


Pennside Partners

Pennside Partners

Pennside Partners is a leading business development consulting firm serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sectors worldwide. Pennside remains a top choice by many pharma and biotech companies for our consistency in delivering high-quality, actionable business insight, and competitive intelligence.


White Whale Motel
20 West 7th Street
Barnegat Light NJ 08006
George or Wayne are managers (609) 494-3020 email: info@whitewhalemotel.com

Islander Motel LLC
1202 Central Ave, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008
Talk to Joe at (609) 494-6964




Supporting Organizations/Practitioners

We also appreciate our second level sponsors. Please help us thank them.

  • Siobhan Hutchinson, Next Step Strategies
  • Allen "Zak" Zaklad
  • Betsy Chapman
  • Penny Klein, Qigong and Cancer Care
  • Michelle Wurtz, Pottstown Dance Studio
  • Paul Ramos, Wu Shen Tao Tai Chi Kung Fu Center
  • Monica Headd, Austin Air

Friends of the Symposium

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