Would you or your organization like to be listed here and in the program brochure for the event as Sponsors? We would love for you to do so. Any organization in accord with our cause (Health, Prosperity, and Leadership) may become a sponsor. There are different levels of sponsorship. (Click here to download a brochure with this information)

Ready to commit? Choose a level of support

Top Sponsors are those who support us at the highest level. They
  • get a full page ad in our program guide given to all participants,
  • can provide a small token or item or coupon to be given to each preregistered attendee,
  • get listed on this web page at the top of the page,
  • are introduced and thanked at the Saturday evening banquet,
  • get one free weekend pass to all the presentations, workshops, and activities,
  • a free drawstring bag with the symposium logo on it,
  • discounts on lodgings and services like massages.
  • The fee for sponsorship is $300. For $100 more ($400 in total) you can also get a table in the Silk Road Expo (first come first serve basis).

Ready to commit? Choose a level of support
Supporting Organizations are the second level of support. They
  • get a mention in the program guide,
  • get a table at the Silk Road Expo, (which takes place on Saturday all day, and Sunday morning)
  • are introduced and thanked at the Friday evening meal
  • get listed on this website as Supporting Organizations
  • The fee for a supporting organization is $100. The number of tables is limited, and are first come, first serve. Those signing up for supporting organization after the table limit has been reached will be put on a waiting list for openings.

Ready to get a promocode?
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Supporting Practitioners or Friends of the Symposium are the third level of support. They
  • get a special "promo code" which gives a discount to anyone to whom they give it,
  • get a credit towards a program ad or table at the Silk Road Expo for each person who uses the promo code,
  • get a mention as a Supporting Practitioner in the program guide,
  • are introduced and thanked at the Saturday afternoon lunch
  • get listed on this website as Supporting Practitioners
  • There is no fee for Supporting Practitioner, though you must pledge to distribute information about the Symposium to those affiliated with your group.

The deadline to apply for any of these levels of sponsorship is August 15, 2017. Contact CJ Rhoads at moc.muitrosnoclph@sdaohRJC.

The Symposium Integrative Health Tai Chi Retreat is primarily hosted by two organizations. The academic research aspect of the event is hosted by ASKLEPIOS, while the workshops and retreat aspect of the event is hosted by Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization. Both organizations are programs of HPL 501c3 Institute , an umbrella organization dedicated to helping small groups and non-profits enable people to achieve Health, attain Prosperity, and develop Leadership.

  ASKLEPIOS is a group of researchers dedicated to ensuring rigorous and scientific methods are applied to research on integrative healthcare studies such as Tai chi, Qigong, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, etc. They publish research agendas for the integrative healthcare space, support research projects, conferences, journals, and other publications dedicated to spreading factual and proven information about integrative therapies while dispelling and discouraging non-reproducible and non-testable therapies such as gurus and faith healing.

Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization is an open society of Taijiquan enthusiasts dedicated to practicing Taijiquan (also known as T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Tai Chi, or just Taiji). Tai Chi includes three pillars of Internal Martial Arts Practice: Form, Qigong, and Push Hands. Taijiquan is an ancient Chinese martial art known for its health benefits as well as being functional for self defense. Our mission is to share the benefits of Taijiquan.