We are still putting together the presenters, workshops, and activities. At this point, the preliminary schedule draft looks like this:

We are still accepting academic papers, presentation, and still have some openings for mini-workshops. If you are interested in doing a 50-minute workshop or 25 minute presentation, please contact Stella Deeble by email with the following information:

Fullname (including title like Mr. Dr. Sifu, Laoshi, Master, etc.):
Bio (1 paragraph):
Name of Workshop or Presentation:
Short description (1 sentence):
Long description of workshop (no more than 2 paragraphs):

Please attach a high resolution (at least 300 X 400, printable, not just for the web) picture of you, preferably a portrait or close-up of your face. Feel free to include a second picture of you doing a form or teaching if you so desire.

People who do mini-workshops, presentations, or paper submissions get a discount on the registration fees.