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Welcome to the Symposium for Integrative Health, Tai Chi & Qigong Festival and Retreat Website. Here you will find all things Symposium.

(At this point in time, April 5, 2020, we are still fully planning to hold the Symposium. We will not be cancelling unless absolutely forced by circumstances, and will replace this message immediately in such a case. In the meantime, please plan on joining us in August.)

We had a GREAT TIME last September. Amazing, amazing, amazing. That's all I can say about our Symposium for Integrative Health, Tai Chi & Qigong!
Join us on August 21, 22, & 23 of this year.

Download the 2019 flyer here. (2020 flyer coming soon.)

The Symposium is held at Maris Stella Conference and Retreat Center, which is located at 7201 Long Beach Boulevard, Harvey Cedars, NJ 08008. This year we have a special treat - not only are we going to come in August instead of September, but we also have finally (after 6 years of waiting) secured the rooms in St. Vincents. That means that instead of the 5-to-a-room houses that we had been renting, this year each person will get their own room! (There are a few rooms with 2 beds, but not many). We also have much more on-campus space, with a full kitchen and 31 beds (27 rooms, although some are really tiny).

Please be advised that there are several 7201 Long Beach Boulevards on Long Beach Island with the same zip code, so many GPS’s will take you to the wrong one. When you get onto the Island, turn left onto Long Beach Boulevard and travel 4.7 miles to the conference center. (It doesn't matter which left you take initially - they all eventually merge into Long Beach Blvd, which is the only road that goes from end to end on the island.) (Also be aware that on Long Branch there is a conference center called Stella Maris. Not the same one – don’t get confused.)

What Is the Symposium?

Three days of presentations, martial arts and qigong workshops, meditative, spiritual and fun activities.

  • Scrumptious Fellowship Potluck dinner Friday evening
  • Fabulous renowned workshop leaders
  • A variety of Qigongs mornings at sunrise on the beach and evenings at sunset on the bay.
  • Delightful and Delectible Formal Banquet Dinner on Saturday evening
  • Meet fellow practitioners from all over.
  • Annual event that should not be missed.

Primary Host: ASKLEPIOS Research Group, Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization, and Complete Mind, Body, Spirit Tai Chi Association, all three programs of HPL 501c3 Institute, PO Box 564, Douglassville, PA 19518. Dedicated to Health, Prosperity, and Leadership for Everyone, Everywhere!