The Symposium for Integrative Health, Tai chi, & Qigong is hosted by HPL 501c3 Institute. Prior to 2019, it was hosted by two of the programs under the 501c3 umbrella of HPL Institute: ASKLEPIOS and Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization. Both groups are still involved in the event, but the major hosting duties have transferred to the parent organization, HPL Institute. In 2019 it was joined by Complete Mind Body Spirit Tai Chi Association, a third program of HPL Institute.

The Symposium Integrative Health Tai Chi Retreat (the original name before switching to Symposium for Integrative Health, Tai Chi & Qigong) was started by two organizations. The academic research aspect of the event is hosted by ASKLEPIOS, while the workshops and retreat aspect of the event is hosted by Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization.

ASKLEPIOS is a group of researchers dedicated to ensuring rigorous and scientific methods are applied to research on integrative healthcare studies such as Tai chi, Qigong, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, etc. They publish research agendas for the integrative healthcare space, support research projects, conferences, journals, and other publications dedicated to spreading factual and proven information about integrative therapies while dispelling and discouraging non-reproducible and non-testable therapies such as gurus and faith healing.

Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization is an open society of Taijiquan enthusiasts dedicated to practicing Taijiquan (also known as T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Tai Chi, or just Taiji). Tai Chi includes three pillars of Internal Martial Arts Practice: Form, Qigong, and Push Hands. Taijiquan is an ancient Chinese martial art known for its health benefits as well as being functional for self defense. Our mission is to share the benefits of Taijiquan.
P.S. Taijiquan Enthusiasts is looking for a new managing director. Please see Luke Jih or CJ Rhoads if you are interested.

Complete Mind Body Spirit Tai Chi for Health Association is an all volunteer, non-profit 501c3 organization started by David Elston-Phillips and Isse Elston. While David, sadly, passed away, Isse still teaches both public and private classes in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Classes include all skill levels. It is a co-operative learning environment, not competitive. A typical class usually consists of an assortment of activities. These can include: Yang style short form, Qigong, the Animal Frolics, the Eight Brocades, Shaolin Temple exercises, the Five Elements and the Four Directions, and a meditative form drawn from Falun Dafa (sometimes called Chinese Yoga).