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The hosting organization of this Symposium is a non-profit organizations with a big heart and high standards for quality, but a small budget. Our goal is to make this symposium affordable to all. To do this we seek out sponsorships, locations that don't cost a ton of money, but most of all, we rely very heavily on volunteer labor.

Volunteers get a bunch of fabulous benefits not available to the participants who just come to enjoy the weekend without putting in any effort.

  • No cost for registration. (Just pay for lodging and dinner)
  • The great feeling that comes with knowing that you are one of the people "in the know".
  • The even-better feeling that comes with doing something good for your community.

There are many many volunteer jobs, taking various amounts of time. To qualify for volunteer benefits, you must spend at least ten (10) hours on various volunteer tasks, and you must stay on-site. To get on the list, contact CJ Rhoads and let her know which jobs you are willing to volunteer for. As you can see from the list, there are over 600 hours of volunteer tasks to be done, so find something you enjoy and jump in! For many of the tasks we need multiple people (like cleaning up after meals), so don't be shy about what you are willing to do. After receiving all of the "willing to do", someone will contact you with the details of your assignments.
Become one of the applauded and appreciated volunteers today!